Via Ferrata at El Torcal

Via Ferrata at El Torcal - Antequera


The natural park of El Torcal lies close to Antequera in the southern Spanish province of Andalucía. In addition to the extensive climbing and walking in the park the local climbers have added two Via Ferrata routes that provide an amazing and adventurous route through the towers – there is even an adrenaline fuelled Tyrolean traverse between two of the towers.

We can guide you along these routes whilst also providing all the technical equipment so that you climb them in safety. The two routes can be done singly in between 3 and 4 hours each or can be connected together in a natural loop that provides a full day of fun. 

The park contains some of the best karst landscape in Europe with the characteristic, water eroded limestone towers sitting impressively above the village of Villanueva of the Conception. This wonderland of rock is a natural, chaotic labyrinth and a perfect playground for walkers, scramblers and climbers.

Via Ferrata near AntequeraThere are 3 walking routes in the park that have been marked out with different coloured waypoints. The green route is the shortest and easiest being 1.5 km long and taking about 30 minutes. The yellow route is longer at 2.5 km. long and leads to ‘Las Ventanillas’ (The Windows) a panoramic high point with fantastic views. The red route is the longest (4.5km) and most difficult and takes about three hours, with a viewing point 1.339 m up where you can see the whole of the El Torcal Park and the Africa Coastline.

The park itself is part of a massive arc of limestone rock that sweeps parallel to the Andalucian coast. The massif that contains El Torcal is part of the southern edge of Sierras Subbéticas and this joins the Sierra de las Chimeneas in the west and the Sierra de las Cabras to the east. It is this chain of limestone massif that make Andalucia such a good natural playground for outdoor sports all year round.

El Torcal itself concentrates a lot into its 11.7 square km with the central rocky ridge, of Las Vilaneras splitting Torcal Alto from Torcal Bajo. The ridge summit lies at 1336m and is often a cool escape from the heat of the plains in Summer.
The park is also famous for its fauna and flora and was declared a Special Area for the Protection of Birds. Species present in El Torcal include the Griffon vulture, Kestrels, Collalbas and Mochuelo. The wild goats are shy, but ever present and show amazing climbing skills.

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Via Ferrata at El Torcal near Antequera - adventure days in a fantastic limestone playground

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