Summiting on El Chamizo in Southern Spain

The Learn to Climb course is a perfect foundation for any one interested in taking up climbing; the course will teach you how to climb safely from the very beginning.

We cover the core skills of belaying safely, knots and setting up safety systems in depth so that they become become second nature.

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Once these skills are in place we can look at a wide variety of topics depending on your preferences - sports climbing, traditional climbing including choosing and placing protection, multi-pitch routes or movement techniques.

We can take the course in any direction you want because we are fortunate enough to be based in an area with all types of climbing - single pitch, multi-pitch, sports, trad and even better these crags face all orientations from north facing crags at 1000m for sunny days to south facing sea level crags for cold, cloudy days.

Silvia Fitzpatrick climbing in Spain


Learning to belay

Learn to Rock Climb Courses

Learn to rock climb in the southern Spanish province of Andalucia. We can help you start climbing with a range of courses from short taster sessions to a comprehensive week long courses of instruction that will give cover all the key skills needed to climb independently safely and confidently.


These courses are ideal for beginners with no or only a little climbing experience who want to get a feel for rock climbing and also for those who want to go a bit further and learn the core techniques needed to climb independently..

This climbing course can be run from our base in Villanueva del Rosario and also from El Chorro, Antequera and Malaga.

In the Summer months, we can also run it in the north of Spain in the province of Asturias

The course will be arranged so that it progresses at a pace you are comfortable with and teaches you exactly what you want to know over a time period of your choosing.

On the longer courses we will ensure that you have a solid base of climbing skills to climb independentely after the course has finished.

We will not only teach you best practice, but will help you understand why it is best practice - this helps you gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of climbing, it's potential objective dangers, the safety system and how to use your climbing equipment correctly. This way you learn how to climb safely right from the very beginning.

Above all, we will give you an adventurous experience that you will remember for a long time in one one the best and most varied climbing areas in Spain.

When available, we can arrange accommodation for your stay in a self-contained flat in the climbing area.

There is more detailed information on this course on the main Rock Climbing Company website

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Climbing Taster Prices


Taster - 1/2 Day

1:1 to 1:2

150 Euros
1:3 to 1:4
180 Euros


Learn to Climb Course Prices

Length of Course
Ratio Cost per Group

Cost per Person

Full Climbing Course
190 Euros
190 Euros
200 Euros
100 Euros
255 Euros
85 Euros
340 Euros


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We can help you learn to rock climb in the amazing southern Spanish province of Andalucia. .

Andalucia is an awesome venue for adventure holidays and we can help you arrange your holiday

We can organise accommodation in both venues for groups of all sizes

Silvia is a native language speaker and can help you with both formal and informal language lessons.

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There is information on how to start rock climbing and choosing various items of equipment on the main Rock Climbing Company website:

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Choosing Rock Shoes