Climbing on Archidona Upper Crag


Lead Climbing in Spain

Climb your first lead routes in a safe and fun environment with a climbing instructor by your side on a fixed static rope.

We are lucky enough to be based in an area with a vast range of crags with many routes of all grades from 3 to 9b+. Some crags are within walking distance and most of them are only a 20 min drive.Multi pitch, sport or trad - we have it all close by.

Thus we can help you learn to lead in a multitude of environments; we can just concentrate on climbing bolted sports routes effectively or we can broaden the course to look at leading traditionally protected climbs.


Climbing at Villanueva del Cauche


In order to get the most from this Learn to Lead course you should already be able to top rope routes competently and be able to belay your partner from both above and below.


Asu climbing At Zahorros

Villanueva del Cauche Upper Cave

Learn to Lead Climb Courses


The Learn to Lead Climb course is to help you start leading your own outdoor rock routes in a safe and controlled environment.

It is one of our most popular courses because leading your first rock climbs is a crucial stage in any climber's development, but it is often difficult to make the transition from following climbs to leading them because of the jump in commitment, confidence and skills that is required.

On this course your climbing instructor is often right alongside you on a separate rope as you are climbing; offering advice and ensuring your safety making the experience memorable and enjoyable, rather than traumatic.

Initially we make sure you have the core skills needed to keep both you and your partner safe whilst climbing before practicing some simulated lead climbing with a loose top rope - this is a great way of easing into lead climbing and getting used to having some slack in the rope system.

After running through the various scenarios that can occur when leading your first pitches and we'll then choose some routes for you to lead climb. Initially we will probably work on routes that are well within your physical and technical ability to get you used to the feeling of leading above gear. This way you can learn the techniques for placing gear and clipping the ropes before moving onto routes where psychological issues start to be involved.

A typical content for the Learning to Lead Climb course is:

  • Essential crag awareness - Staying safe and looking for objective dangers such as loose rock.
  • Belaying, communication, rope work - make sure everything is clear before anybody leaves the ground.
  • Choosing routes and understanding guidebook terminology.
  • Getting organised for the lead - Choosing the correct gear for the climb you are about to climb and racking it so that you can get to it easily and quickly.
  • Placing quickdraws and protection - choosing the best gear quickly and placing it quickly and securely from the correct position.
  • Reading the route - look ahead, plan your footholds, organise the various options, looking for protection, spotting potential rest positions and moving confidently between them
  • Foreseeing hazards and dealing with them.
  • Constructing and managing safe top anchors- keeping everything organised
  • Falling - how to fall safely and in control.
  • Retreating down a crag

A Learn to Lead Climb course can last from 1 to 5 days or longer, depending on what you want to get out of it; a 2 day course should give you the basic skills and experience to lead climbs on your own, whilst a longer course will reinforce all the skills that you have learnt in different scenarios and will let you acquire on more advanced techniques.

For those with time restrictions, we can also offer 1/2 day sessions.

We can also suggest accommodation for your stay.

There is more detailed information on this course on the main Rock Climbing Company website

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Useful Information on our Courses

Type of Course
Instructor: Student ratio
Cost of the Course per Person
1/2 Day
150 Euros
75 Euros
65 Euros
Full Day
190 Euros
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Learn how to lead your first routes safely and correctly with an instructor close at hand in one of the best climbing areas in Spain.

We can organise accommodation in both venues for groups of all sizes

Silvia is a native language speaker and can help you with both formal and informal language lessons.

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