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The Rock Climbing Company run rock climbing courses and climbing holidays in southern Spain.

We concentrate on offering high quality, low ratio courses that will help you become a safe and competent climber.


Climbing at Desplomlandia

The Hermita at Villanueva del Rosario

Learn Spanish + Climb


Silvia can offer language lessons as part of an adventure activity or as stand alone sessions.

Silvia grew up in Argentina, studying and qualifying as a PE and language teacher before migrating south to climb for a few seasons in various locations in Patagonia.

After suffering a serious accident she returned to teaching modern languages in the UK before the climbing bug took over again and she started the process of becoming a climbing instructor.

Our base in the Andalucian province of Malaga is a lovely location for learning to speak Spanish. The town is very traditional and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your new vocabulary.

We have a full range of text books at all levels from beginner to advanced plus language tapes and CDs.

Costs: Formal lessons as an extra curricular part of a climbing course - 10 Euros per hour per person.

Conversation and help as part of a climbing course is, of course, free.

Formal stand-alone lessons are 20 Euros per hour


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Rock climbing courses and holidays in Spain that are always totally customised to your needs.

Andalucia is an awesome venue for adventure holidays and we can help you arrange your holiday

We can organise accommodation in both venues for groups of all sizes

Silvia is a native Spanish speaker and a fully qualified modern languages teacher - she can help you learn Spanish both informally and formally.



Rock Climbing Courses in North Wales and Spain - the latest information on our blog.

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