Climbing at Makinodromo in El Chorro

Climbing, Scrambling and Mountain Skills Courses - General Information


The Rock Climbing Company offer a comprehensive range of flexible mountaineering and climbng courses that we always try to customise specifically to your requirements.

We base our Spanish climbing instruction in the south of the country in the province of Malaga. We are based in the hills that run along the Spanish coast 40km from Malaga and 75km from Granada.

Our base is the mountain town of Villanueva del Rosario in Andalucia and is surrounded by fantastic crags, hills and mountains with easy access to the climbing areas of El Chorro, Loja and Archidona amongst others.

El Corral Our Spanish climbing holidays can be offered with accommodation as we have just finished renovating the house(It actually was knocked known and re-built from scratch!).

Why Use a Climbing Instructor?

Climbing with a professional, qualified and fully insured instructor lets you learn new skills efficiently in an intensive and enthusiastic environment, knowing that you are being taught best practice in the safest possible manner.

You’ll also gain personal confidence as you rapidly widen and deepen your whole spectrum of climbing skills through observation, practice and discussion.

Importantly you will enjoy the local knowledge that a climbing instructor has acquired over many years. Bad weather? We won’t waste a day; we’ll just change objectives. Route too crowded? We’ll move over here; this route’s even better. Feeling pressed for time? Don’t worry, we know the shortcut home.

Climbing at ArchidonaAll in all, your climbing experience will be improved with local knowledge, professional skills and enthusiasm for the adventure at hand.

Pricing and Instructor/Client Ratios.

Instructor/client ratios are kept low to increase safety and maximise contact time for learning. It may be tempting to reduce costs by looking for higher ratios, but you don't learn as much and it is much more difficult to get the course fine tuned to your requirements.

Maximum instructor-client ratios can be found in each course section. Prices can also be found in each course section.

Course lengths.

Taster sessions normally last between 4 hours an a full day, whilst all other instruction can be any length from 1 to 4 days or more.

Many clients find that there is a great benefit in having at least 2 days of instruction because it allows them reinforce all the newly learning skills whilst still allowing time to enjoy the adventure.

A days instruction is normally 7 hours long - some days may be shorter and others longer as we make the most of the conditions, energy levels and natural break points. The days start time is largely dictateed by the weather - in Winter then we often have later starts to allow the crags to warm up a bit, whilst in Summer in hot conditions we ofter start early, stop for an elongated midday break and then resume for a late afternoon session.


We love climbing, scrambling and being in the mountains. We know the areas we teach in well and can help you climb your dream routes, whether it be a classic scramble on El Chamizo or Zeppelin in El Chorro gorge. Guiding and instruction are easily combined, so if you would like to learn new skills whilst climbing classic routes then that can easily be arranged.

Mountaineering Qualifications.

We are a small, independent company run by Silvia Fitzpatrick and virtually all the instruction in Spain is delivered by Silvia. Silvia holds the Mountaineering Instructor Award and is a full member of both the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and Mountain Leader Training Association.

. Association of Mountaineering Instructors LogoMountain Leader Training Association Logo

In the event that Silvia is unable to personally instruct the course she may be able to offer an alternative instructor; all our associate instructors are professionally qualified to the relevant national qualification. In addition we only use instructors who we know and share our passion for the mountains. We will always ensure that the client is fully aware of the situation and that the use of an alternative instructor is acceptable to them.

Pricing and Instructor/Client Ratios.

Instructor/client ratios are kept low to increase safety and maximise contact time for learning. Maximum instructor-client ratios can be found in each course section. Prices can be found on the panel to the side.

What is included in the price:

  • All instruction.
  • The use of all technical equipment such as ropes, harnesses, karabiners and helmets.

What is not included in the course price:

  • Travel to and from the course base or venue.
  • Personal insurance (illness, accident, cancellation and personal equipment/possessions).
  • Personal equipment such as waterproofs, walking boots and rucksack.
  • Food.
  • Accommodation.

Hire Equipment

  • Climbing shoes may be hired if required - just let us know your sizes in advance to ensure availability.


All specialist equipment will be provided by the Rock Climbing Company. As detailed above you are responsible for providing your own suitable clothing, footwear and rucksack. Further detailed info can be found in the specific course sections and the main equipment section.

What if the weather is bad?

Snowdonia has a wide range of venues to choose from and often it can be raining at one and sunny at another.

Climbing in SnowdoniaOn rock climbing and scrambling courses we will always use our local knowledge to try to choose a venue best suited to the prevailing conditions, whilst for navigation courses poor weather can provide realistic conditions which will enhance the learning experience. We will do everything we can to make each day happen, so please arrive prepared for both warm and cold weather because you will be in the mountains.

We will determine on each morning of the day or course if it has be canceled due to inclement weather causing conditions likely to endanger members of the course (extreme cold, torrential rain, or snow). If it is canceled, you may transfer to another course on an alternative date.

Dangerous Activities

Safety and duty of care towards our clients is of the the highest priority to the Rock Climbing Company. Many of our activities are hazardous by their very nature and all participants, parents and guardians must accept that there are risks associated with these activities. We manage and minimise risk in the following ways:

  • All instruction is undertaken by professionally qualified instructors who all have many years of experience.
  • The safety equipment we supply and use is of good quality, well maintained, in good condition and regularly inspected.
  • We instruct and teach to guidelines set by the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.
  • We instruct and teach in groups with low client to instructor ratios.
  • We constantly evaluate risks throughout a course and if a level of risk is deemed unacceptable, then the activity will be altered accordingly.

Activities will always be conducted in a manner compatible to your current level of experience and competency.

How fit do I need to be?

All our courses involve physical activity and most are wholly suitable for anyone who is healthy and of average fitness. Our instructors will take your actual level of fitness into account and ensure the activities are conducted at a comfortable pace. If you do have a medical condition, please use the space provided in the Booking Form to let us know; all such information will of course, be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have any doubts or require clarification, please contact us via email

What experience do I need ?

Our courses cover the range of experience from the absolute beginner to those having substantial experience. Please check the course notes for your particular course for details.

Do I require insurance ?

We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover course cancellation or curtailment. This should also cover you for accidents or if you have to cancel due to reasons beyond your control such as illness. If you are a member of The BMC then you can take advantage of their insurance services via The BMC web site or the company Snowcard provide insurance for outdoor activities.


You should book accommodation to suit your budget and preference be it hotel, B&B, bunkhouse or camping.

If you are coming on a Spanish course we can arrange appropriate accommodation for you either at our base or in a local hotel,



Rock climbing courses and holidays in the southern Spanish province of Andalucia.

There are lots of options for adventurous activities in Andalucia.

We have a house with self contained self -catering accommodation in the Andalucian town of Villanueva del Rosario.

Silvia speaks Spanish fluently and we can offer both formal and informal language lessons.

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