Canyoning on Rio Frio

Canyoning in Spain


Canyoning involves descending natural gorges by a mixture of hiking, scrambling, swimming and abseiling and is a great adventure – especially on a hot, sunny day.

It is a perfect hot weather activity and bears a lot of similarities to climbing and scrambling; exploring wild places with the freedom and pleasure of fast movement. It is sociable and is best enjoyed with a splash about and a picnic - if you enjoy sea-level traverses, you'll love canyoning.

Any healthy team with a an adventurous attitude can give it a go – we can provide all of the climbing equipment and wetsuits. If you've never worn a wetsuit before, you'll be amazed at how buoyant you become – relax as you float motionlessly on your back, effortlessly drifting downstream, steep canyon walls above you and large raptors circling overhead.

The technical aspects of canyoning have something in common with caving (bolted abseil stations, the occasional boulder choke, etc), and the water-worn passages in some canyons resemble the easy passages of Yorkshire's Long Churn Pot or Swildon's in the Mendips. However there the resemblance with caving ends – a sun-drenched Spanish canyon is about as far as you could possibly imagine from crawling around in a dark muddy hole on a horrible English winter's day.

The prices include professional guide insurance and use of all technical equipment.

You will need to bring:

  • Suitable sports footwear, bearing in mind that they will get wet  
  • Spare part footwear
  • Bathing suit
  • Sun cream
  • Those who use glasses will need to have them retained on a cord or even better go without them
  • Those who use contact lenses will have to protect them with swimming glasses or even better go without them
  • Suitable clothing for the time of year
  • Small rucksack
  • Food and drink - isotonic drinks are good

Provided material by us:

  • Helmet
  • A full wetsuit (5mm)
  • Harness and technical equipment
  • Canyoning rucksack and watertight can
  •  Waterproof camera



Canyoning a Grade 1 Canyon


200 Euros


240 Euros


270 Euros


270 Euros



Canyoning a gorge


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Abseiling into a gorge